The Merry Wives of Windsor


Let me now take you to a time and place - not of the doublets, corsets and pumpkin pants of Ye Olde England - but of the shoulder pads, big hair, and Izod shirts of the bedroom community of 1980s Windsor....Connecticut. 

The well-to-do Page and Ford families are beset by problems typical of the upwardly mobile classes.  The Pages have a daughter that has fallen in love with the “wrong sort” - not the doctor or lawyer that mom and dad prefer.  The Fords are just trying to keep up with their neighbors and fit in.

Until... Falstaff enters.  This down-on-his-luck Wall Street trader has completely missed the Bull Market and is looking for other sources of income.  He hatches a plan to ensnare Mrs. Ford AND Mrs. Page in a love trap, and extort money from them in order to re-bankroll his former lifestyle.  But the “Real Housewives of Windsor, Connecticut” find out and devise all sorts of tricks and torments for Falstaff... 

Meanwhile, the Pages’ daughter hatches plots of her own to get the man she wants.  Set in the free-wheeling, conspicuous consumption-driven, suburban lifestyle of the 1980s, this Shakespearean comedic farce will feature all the music, fashion, and cultural references of the 1980s, but with the language and characters that we love.  Shakespeare and Shtick.  After over a 20-year absence from Colonial Players...The Bard is Back!

Event Dates
Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from Friday, February 22, 2019 through Saturday, March 23, 2019


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